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Optimum Payments has customizable solutions for all whether you run a traditional shop, sell online or on the go, Optimum Payments helps make running your business easier. Our solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of small and large businesses alike.

Table Service Restaurants

At Optimum Payments, we are aware of the difficulties that come with running a restaurant, whether it is a full-service or counter-service establishment. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of merchant services to support restaurant owners. Our solutions for accepting credit and debit cards are up-to-date and feature-rich, with stand-alone terminals that allow for tip editing and tab forwarding, as well as full Point of Sale Systems. We also offer the versatility to integrate with all major restaurant management systems and hospitality VAR (POS) software.

Counter Service Restaurants

Optimum Payments understands the challenges of operating a restaurant business whether it be full service . We deliver a full ‘menu’ of merchant services to keep merchants doing what they do best—serving their customers. Our credit and debit card payment solutions include up-to-date stand-alone terminals with enhanced features, including the ability to add and edit tips, as well as tab forwarding. We offer full ‘Point of Sale’ Systems, as well as the flexibility to integrate with all major restaurant management systems and hospitality VAR (POS) software.

Retail Businesses

At our company, we provide excellent options for any retail merchant. Our cutting-edge retail payment solutions are all-inclusive, trustworthy, and tailored to improve the success of your business, whether you are a small local retail store, a regional franchise, or a nationwide chain store. We offer top-quality support around the clock, every day of the year, competitive pricing, a wide variety of payment choices, comprehensive reporting features, and rapid transaction processing, clearing, and settlement.


At Optimum Payments, we are at the forefront of offering Internet merchant account solutions to E-Commerce merchants. Our wide range of gateways allows us to turn your website into an online shopping destination, or alternatively, we can easily connect to any existing gateways. We recognize the specific requirements of online merchants who process transactions in a card-not-present environment, and we can provide expert guidance on all the critical aspects of running a thriving online business, such as credit card acceptance and seamless integration of gateways and shopping carts.


Mobile merchants can now access the same credit card authorization networks as retail businesses, thanks to wireless credit card machines. Whether you are a service professional, operate a food truck, or provide a delivery service, Optimum Payments offers systems that allow you to accept credit cards from anywhere, whether it’s on your physical work site or at your customer’s home. Our payment acceptance solutions are designed to be incredibly convenient and easy to use.

Wired Devices

Optimum Payments is a leader in providing E-Commerce and MO/TO merchants with Internet merchant account solutions. We can provide a multitude of gateways to turn your website into an online shopping experience or we can hook into many current gateways! We understand the unique needs of online merchants processing transactions in a card-not-present environment and can advise you on all the aspects required for you to run a successful online business including credit card acceptance, gateway and shopping cart integration.


VL100 Countertop POS Terminal

Wireless Devices

VL110 Wireless Pay At The Table POS Terminal


VL500 Wireless Pay At The Table Android POS Terminal

Virtual Terminal & Ecommerce

An All In One Virtual Terminal, Gateway, and Mobile App That Lets You Run Your Business From Anywhere!


Valor Portal

An All In One Easy To Use Portal That Let’s You Run Your Business From Anywhere!

Mobile App

An Manage Your Entire Business at the Tip of Your Fingers!

Omnichannel Benefits

An Integrated Customer Experience!

Built in Marketing &
Promotional Tools

A Technology That Fights Attrition!

Cloud Based Benefits

Store All Transactions in the Cloud!


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Timothy Jayes
Timothy Jayes

Just left us a 5 star review

Timothy Jayes
February 26, 2024

We have worked with Paul V. for over 5 years with Multiple Businesses and multiple locations. His customer service is top notch! He offers the patience and understanding to be certain we get the products that perfectly fit our business. Thank You Paul !!

Angela Mascari Rowekamp
November 10, 2023

Paul has been my rep for at least five years and when I call he answers and he even answered when he was on vaca! He physically came and hooked up all as well . Customer service is top notch! Angie

Shelby Bauchle
February 23, 2023

This payment processing software is great but Paul’s customer service is unrivaled. If you’re a small business and looking at expanding your payment options, I strongly encourage you to start here. Paul happily walks you through the process, will investigate issues/features, and is readily available to answer all questions/concerns.